Welcome to the Ancient Lights campaign!

The Game Plan.
Okay everybody but Logan and Bob got together for a bit on Sunday and discussed the game. The plan is to begin play on Tuesday nights beginning the 2nd Tuesday in July. This will allow everybody to complete some early summer travel plans. Between now and then I ask that everybody send me an email with your character concept and info so we can begin organizing the campaign. Basically, I am very interested in your character’s back story and motivations. From there you and I will flesh out the actions of your character preceding the beginning game day.

The Rule Set
For the most part the rules will be out of the basic DnD 3.5 series with some D20 thrown in from the Love & War source book which gives rule mods for the Knights & Chivalry. There are some knight prestige classes in there which are cool.

The World
As I mentioned our adventure will take place in an alternative universe where magic works and the “fae” races exists. Basically, the concept is that all the legends, myths, and stories from the middle ages, etc. are REAL. The average human does not knowingly interact with the elves, dwarves, halflings, etc. very much at all. These beings blend in with the humans rather than standard, to avoid persecution, and fear mongering. Magic is known to be real but most people see very little of it in action. Depending on the circumstances, people may react favorably or negative to magic, just like in real history.

The Locale
The action begins in the Mediterranean basin starting in the northern Italy town of Ferrara. The year is between 1400 and 1412 and Nicolo III is the Marquis of Ferrara, and the surrounding region. There are two popes at this time, the Western Schism is in full swing. Boniface IX is the Pope in Rome and has appointed the Marquis as Capt. General of the Papal Army after enlisting his aid against the Duke of Milan. Benedict XIII is the French Pope in Avignon. The two popes, their minions and followers are competing for power and per-eminence in the Catholic church. The other religions (pagan, Orthodox, Muslim, etc.) may be using this split to weaken the power of the Catholics and gain a greater foothold. The Italian nobility are conniving and scheming for power, money, and love. Bands of condottierre roam the region since the last crusade ended some turning to banditry and raiding, others to mercenary work.

The Marquis has gathered together many experts in various fields, some openly, some clandestinely to write books and teach in the castle and surrounding town. Among these can be found Fiore dei Liberi, the Master martial artist, as well as experts in mathematics, natural science, and according to rumor the mystic arts. Many noble families from all over Europe are sending sons and daughters for education and possible ‘good marriage’ contacts. Merchants are coming to the town to take advantage of the potential financial windfall.

The Coming Day
The Marquis of Ferrara is hosting a week long celebration & fair in a few weeks in honor of Spring which will end with 3 days of tournament to recruit for papal army. This grand tournament is drawing even more folk to Ferrara and the city is beginning to swell in numbers. You see this as an opportunity to forward your own personal goals.

The Now
The first game will begin on opening day of the fair. In the emails you and I shall determine what preparations your character makes in advance of the tournament and……well that’s roleplaying info isn’t it?

As I said, connect your character concept to this world and email me your info (privately please) and Let the Game Begin!

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Ancient Lights

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