Ancient Lights

7th Session_Final (10.30.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Game Start

Blaise reincarnates Morthos, who declines to change his alignment.
The dice make him human.
Logan gives his friend a hug. – Golden Ice travels up Morthos’ arm.

Mace & Dante investigate the room across the hall. It’s an alchemy lab.
Mace picks up a blue potion, walks back to the kitchen and hands Morthos the vial. “Here, drink this, it will make you feel better.”
Morthos threw it at Salazar. The bottle hit Salazar and rolled across the floor.
Mace picked up the bottle.

Is examining the statues. The bases have ancient Greek writing. He shouts for Dante.

Finds a book detailing plans that resemble the big gun upstairs. She pockets it.
Riccardo calls for Dante from the statue room.

Big statue, “Strength conquers all.”
Four small statues, “Earth”, “Fire”, “Wind”, and “Water”.

Dante, Salazar, Morthos:
Salazar is attacking Morthos. Dante casts Detect Evil and draws her blade.
Golden Ice is spreading across Morthos’ body.
Salazar overbalances and falls into the fire.

Morthos turns invisible and dodges past Dante. …And runs straight into the piranha pit-trap.
Dante chases and stands guard over the trap.
Salazar climbs out of the fire.
Morthos levitates over the water.
Dante stands guard over the grate.
Morthos preps an attack.

Role Playing between Dante & Salazar:
Dante: “He’s in the pit. Any ideas?”
Salazar calls to you from the statue in the middle of the crossway: “The ice means he’s evil! We can activate the grate, and force him out.”
Dante eyes the grate. “I think not. He’s trapped in there. We just need to finish him quickly.” Turns head an quirks an eyebrow at Salazar. “This ice wouldn’t happen to be why you wanted me to touch you earlier, would it?”
Salazar glances sheepishly at his feet. “It… It might have been.”
Dante: “Aah. Understandable. Are you convinced of my motives, or need you still test?”
Salazar: “I would appreciate the test, but I realize now why you attacked Mordy. Tests of loyalty and morality can wait.”
“Good.” Dante turns back to the grate. “So, how to get this little rat.” She pauses to think a moment. “Do you have any lamp oil? We can pour it through the grate and set him aflame.”
Salazar: “That’s somewhat cruel. There are certainly easier ways to bring him out; and I carry few personal possessions.”
Dante: “I don’t want him out, I want him dead. He’s a slippery one, and both Blaise and Riccardo are elsewhere.”
Salazar: “We can kill him without resorting to such methods. We are not monsters.”
Dante quirks an eyebrow. “Monster is a relative term.” She sighs, “I agree, that fire is a horrible death that I would not wish on anyone… But he must die. Opening the trap would let him lose, and without the spell-casters we’d never find him. He’s too dangerous. If you have a better idea, then by all means, tell me.”
Salazar: “I could leap on and off it as I did before. When it opens, it will either push him out or into the water. Either way, you can attack him when it opens.”
Dante shakes her head, “No. I can tell he’s there, but it’s not specific enough to hit him. He wouldn’t have gotten past me in the first place if I could.” Dante glares at the grate, “I wish Riccardo or Blaise were here. They could identify the potions in the laboratory.”
Salazar suddenly grins brightly. “I have an idea. I am rather dexterous. I could lie on the grate and cling to it. Then he either has to deal with you or I, and in an enclosed space, our dear friend is at a great disadvantage.”

Mace, Blaise, Riccardo:
Explore the South passage. Narrow.

[Having an adventure while Dante & Salazar role-play.]

Dante, Salazar, & Morthos:
Dante casts Zone of Truth.
Morthos: “I haven’t tried to kill you yet! Why?!”
Dante: “Your existence is an affront to my god.”
Salazar leaps onto the grate and clings to it. He is now standing in the pit.
Dante, Salazar, & Morthos role-playing:
Dante: “Salazar, you idiot! You were the only one able to activate the trap without getting caught!”
Mortie: “Can we please talk this through”
Salazar: “This trap is weight-activated. I should be able to trigger it again by hanging from it.”
Dante: “Yes! Tell him how to get out!” Just kill him while your down there, yes?"
Morthos: “I’ll take that as a no from you.” looks at Dante “Please ma’am I emplore you. I do not wish to die twice in one week and really don’t want to face my religous authority.”
Salazar: “If he’s OUT, you can KILL HIM.!”
Morthos: “I’m talking to myself here”
Salazar: “Reap what you sow, sinner!”
Dante shakes her head angrily. “I can’t SEE him! I can’t hit him if I don’t know where he is! If he gets out he’s as good as free!”
Morthos: “Tell me one instance where I sinned!!!”
Dante snarls at Morthos, “The inn! You attacked that squire and ruined his chances in the melee!”
Morthos: “I did no such thing!!!”
Morthos: “Okay so I did but still!”
Dante turns her attention to Salazar, “Would you kill him?!”
Morthos: “That was not at you and it did help you win the tournament!!”

Salazar begins swinging, trying to hit Morthos.
Morthos pulls on the grate, fumbles, and drops into the water. He casts Eldritch blast.

Salazar: “DANTE! Restoration, NOW!”

Mace, Riccardo, & Blaise:
Are fighting a fire elemental.
[Things happen.]
Riccardo, who was standing in water, casts a spell and swaps places with the fire elemental.
[More things happen.]
Blaise summons a water elemental.
Blaise summons another water elemental.
[Even more things happen.]
Blaise casts ‘polymorph’ on the fire elemental. It fails.

Blaise just turned the fire elemental into a mouse.
Sassoon eats the mouse.

Salazar, Morthos, & Dante:
Salazar uses Wholeness of Body (heals 14pts).
Dante casts Lesser Restoration on Salazar.
Morthos casts Eldritch Blast. Misses.
Salazar attacks Morthos. Hit times three.
Dante casts Shield Other. Fails.
Morthos casts Sphere of Darkness and dodges around Salazar to the other side of the tank.
Salazar pulls on the grate and flips the trap.
Morthos gets out of the grate. And Salazar throws himself from the trap.
Dante moves away from where she knows the grate.
Morthos casts a spell that lets him see in the darkness.
Salazar finds Dante.
Dante doesn’t move.
Morthos prepares a spell.
Salazar pulls Dante back the way he came and they exit the darkness.

Morthos retreats from the tower, grabbing his dagger and belt on the way out.

Salazar proposes that they find the rest of the party and Dante agrees.
Letting Salazar move ahead, Dante will take the book of weapon plans she found in the lab and throws it into the hearth. She watches the book burn.
Dante lets out a sigh of relief as Demeter blesses her with feelings of peace and contentment.
With a pleased grin the paladin follows the weary monk in search of their companions.

Mace, Riccardo, & Blaise:

Salazar and Dante catch up with the rest of the party.

Mace and Salazar both grab a couple of ruby-red rods.
The party decides to go back to the laboratory and search for a book of instruction manual.
Blaise and Salazar note the organization and realize a book is missing.

Dante helps search for the book, never revealing that she had already found and destroyed it.


After a thorough search of the tower and dungeons the party eventually admits that the book is long (but not as long as they think) gone. Disappointed with their failure, they return to Syracuse and take ship. After a long journey and many adventures, the party returns to Ferrara.
The Duke is presented with the twin rods and orbs. The missing book is (due to Dante’s skill in diplomacy) attributed to Morthos, who disappeared.
The Artifacts were meticulously examined, but were eventually stowed away as useless.

Blaise was the first to leave. He simply disappeared from the city, and everyone pretty much figured that he’d gone back to whatever forest he had crept from in the first place.

Salazar and Dante spent days simply relaxing, often taking walks and discussing philosophy. Their debates broached many topics and always attracted a crowd of curious onlookers. Salazar left with the promise to at some point visit Dante’s mentor in Greece.

By the time Mace returned to Ferrara, Lady Lake and her entourage had already returned home. When Mace finally left the city of Ferrara he was accompanied by Dante. They traveled and fought together for a time and, though they never truly became friends, developed a healthy respect for the other.

Dante continued traveling the Continent, smiting evil as she went and listening for the whispers of Demeter. She returned to her mentor with many tales, a few of which he wrote down and sent to Riccardo. Occasionally Dante would have extraordinarily good luck when it came to animal encounters. After the third time being saved by a bear she would simply grin and whisper a quiet ‘Thank you’ to the druid she never saw, but knew was there.

Mace returned home to hero’s welcome. He was not just a knight in title, but fact, and was widely respected and admired for his prowess. – Though none admired him as much as the Lady Lake.

Riccardo and Sassoon happily return to the palace life, and for years the children of the castle were treated to embellished tales of his Grand Quest. And if the story changed with every telling it only became the more enthralling. He still saw Dante at least once a year, each time she brought him more books and scrolls – stories and tales from other lands.

6th Session (10.16.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Game Start –

Salazar is looking at the bookshelf.
Ricardo is at the desk.
Badger is in Blaise’s backpack.
Morthos was looking down the pipe under the shiny-thing.
Mace is
Dante is searching the room.

Correction, everyone is searching the room.

Blaise casts ‘Light’ on the inkwell down the hole. It falls a long way before hitting the bottom and falling out of the way.

Five levers.

Mace pulls the outside two. – The ceiling opens like a blooming flower. The ‘Death Ray’ raises through the roof.
A ‘thump’ sound and the center dais dropped.

Mace pushes the center-outside levers upward.

Mace pulls the middle lever down.

Dante & Blaise can read the labeling on the levers.

Salazar takes the shiny-sphere. Morty tries to knock it out of his hands.
Dante pulls her blade.

Morty glows purple. (Due to Blaise’s Fairy Fire.)

Riccardo casts Invisibility on Dante.

Morty cast’s ‘Detect Magic’ and can see some of Dante’s gear.

Salazar tries to break the sphere. It dents the wall.
Salazar tries to attack it – and almost breaks his knees.

Blaise flows through stone to explore the basement.

A large ornate stone door with a key hole blocks the way. Three keys hang to the left of the door, one gold, one silver, and one copper. The following inscription is chiseled in to the door.

“One key and one alone can force this door to open. Choose incorrectly and what lies beyond shall never see the light of day. Three clues are given, but only one is true. Use wisdom to guide your hand, lest your dreams be dashed by your own folly.”

1. The gold key opens the door
2. The silver key does not open the door
3. The gold key does not open the door

Blaise casts ‘warp wood’ on the floor.

Mace closes the roof again.
The dais lowers and we all jump on.

The copper key opens the door.
Salazar takes the key.

Riccardo binds Morty. Dante attacks the Evil Pinata.

Morty dies.

Riccardo goes to the corner of the room and vomits on the statue.
The Armored Golem attacks him for 22pts of damage.
Mace runs across the room towards the Armored Golem.
Blaise rushes over to Riccardo and heals 18pts of damage.
Morty is dead.
Salazar dropped the McGuffin and moved to the Golem and attacks for 17pts.
Dante moves up. (10ft from the Golem.)
- Blaise is screaming at Salazar “Open the door!”

Armored Golem opens its mouth and a poison green fog pour out. Dante & Salazar are in range. _ Dante takes no damage of any kind. Salazar takes 1pt of damage & loses 11pts constitution points.
Armored Golem attacks Salazar and misses.
Mace runs to the door.
Blaise casts Wind Wall across the room.
Salazar runs for the door and uses the key. The door raises.
Dante retreats towards the door.
Riccardo casts grease on the floor and runs to the door.

The Golem returns to its post.

Mace moves up into the room.
Blaise also moves up into the room.
Riccardo gets the orbs and puts them in his pack.

Dante, Mace, Salazar
Riccardo & Blaise

We turn the corner to see a whole bunch of skeletons.

Blaise casts. Deals 17pts of damage to each skeleton.

Combat is over.
In one round.

Single file: Mace, Dante, Salazar, Blaise, Riccardo

While moving through the stream the surface of the water freezes, trapping Mace, Dante, and one of Salazar’s feet.

Piranha appear and nibble at Dante’s & Mace’s feet.
Mace attacks the piranha through the ice. Fish on a stick.
Riccardo casts haste?
Dante forges the way through the ice towards the other side of the stream.
Blaise casts Calm Animal and the piranha settle down.
Mace & Dante cross the stream.
Riccardo & Blaise walk over the ice.

Next room –

Dante finds the journal of Archimedes.

The others collect various plans of Archimedes.

Pivoting gate over a pit of piranha.
Mace gets wet, the rest of us jump.

A room with five statues: Four magic users binding an ogre.

Party camps in the kitchen/alchemist’s laboratory.
Night passes uneventfully.

+15,000 experience

5th Session (8.14.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Game Start

Round 2 of combat, top of rotation.

Pink Enemy attacks Mace, hit for 9pts.
Ricardo casts Hold Person on ?. Moves.
Bernardis (dire badger) attacks ?
and misses.
Blaise attacks the Pink Enemy, hits for ?.
Large Fellow attacks Salazar, miss.
Mace attacks the Pink Enemy, hits, knock out. Moves and engages the Green Enemy.
Salazar attacks Large Fellow, miss.
Morthos attacks the Green Enemy, hits for 11pts.
Dante attacks the Large Fellow, hits for 17pts & 15pts. Bisected.
Black Bear engages the Second Fellow, miss.
Ricardo swaps the [dead] Large Fellow with the [living] Second Fellow.
Bernardis attacks Second Fellow, misses.
Green Fellow attacks Mace, miss.
Blaise attacks Green Fellow (with lightning), hit for 5pts.
Third Fellow attacks Black Bear, hit for ?
Mace attacks Green Fellow, hits for 25pts. Knock out.
Salazar attacks Second Fellow, miss.
Morthos attacks Second Fellow, hits for ???.
Second Fellow attacks Salazar, misses.
Dante attacks Second Fellow, hits for 24pts. Knock out.
Black Bear attacks Third Fellow, hit for 8pts.
Ricardo trys to switch the [living] Third Fellow with the [dead] Second Fellow. Fail.
Blaise transforms into a dire bear and attacks Third Fellow, hits for 15pts. Improved grab, success.
Mace moves to sit down and watch the Dire Bear hold the Third Fellow.
Salazar touched the downed Second Fellow and a golden, crystal-like structure covered him. (Touch of Golden Ice)
Morthos floats over towards Mace.
Dante uses Detect Evil. All surviving enemies and Morthos register as evil.
Black Bear eats the entrails of the Large Fellow.
Ricardo searches/loots the dead bodies.
Bernardis sits to watch Dire Blaise work.
Dire Blaise attacks the Last Fellow, hits for 37pts. Kill.

End of Combat

Ricardo goes to search/loot the body (Pink Enemy).
People are searching/looting bodies.
Dire Blaise recognizes them as orcs.

Salazar finds a letter. Ricardo recognizes the language as French.
Letter: By order of his Holiness the Pope. Delay/destroy the party sent out from Ferrara.

Salazar is searching through the shredded enemies.

Dante kills the crystallized enemy at her feet. Walks over to the other survivor and repeats.
Dante ‘cleans up the camp’.

Ricardo, Morthos, & Salazar went to bed.
Mace, Ricardo, Blaise, & Dante stay up. (Dante cleans her equipment.)

At dawn Blaise returns to his human form.

Night. Ride the next day.

Arrival at San Morino


We present our letter to the gate guard, he summons the Mayor of San Morino. Our party is escorted to the fanciest inn (The Swinging Pirate), where they are treated like royalty.

Captain Magellan’s ship the Leviathan.

Next Day

Rumor going through town: There was a horrible murder in one of the out-lying towns. (Lansing is cackling)

Set Sail

Dante & Mace have been bunked in the same cabin.
Morthos, Blaise, & Salazar have been bunked in the general quarters.
Ricardo is with the horses in the cargo hold.

Arrival at Syracuse

We stay at ‘Archimedes’s Delight’.

Every sod and his mother has a story about Archimedes.

Party heads to Archimedes Tower at the coast.
Stairs. Climbing order – Mace, Salazar, Blaise, Morthos, Ricardo, Dante

The room is clean.
(It’s a tourist site.)

4th Session (7.31.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Game Start

The party has just completed the tournament. (It lasted a few hours.)

Salazar, Ricardo, & Blaise were investigating the city, looking for information about the book.
The book is in the Duke’s library under ‘reasonable’ security. (Who knows what they consider ‘reasonable’.)
Joseph Albo (Gnome Jew). ‘Circle of Protection’. ‘Locks on the door’.

After the tournament: Ricardo swung by the library and visited with the guards.
Outside the Duke’s study was a run-of-the-mill guard. Marquis staff is allowed entrance.
“Do not approach the book on the pedestal.”
Ricardo browses the books. ‘Syracuse’. ‘Catacombs of San Giovanni’.

Salazar puts on a tumbling show for the bored kids. A nobleman throws the tumbler a gold.
‘Ferrara’s going to take over the world’. ‘Mechanical robots’.
Napal’s pavilion. They complain about the Pope in Rome. The Angelian pope is the true Pope.

Blaise spent the day following Sassoon. Little girls like the kitties, the cats don’t care for the kids.
Nobles of Ferrara: The evil anti-Pope in France is a threat to Catholic society. Reason why the Muslims were able to make such in-roads in Spain.

Lady Lake praises Mace, and the borrowed knights.
Mace is approached by the Barracuda Lady for healing. – “Well renowned for her skill in the healing arts. Trained by/with Mariam Manassis.”

Dante searches out the man she killed. She finds him bloody, but breathing. An attending priest tells her that he has been ‘restored’, and will need rest for a few days.
Rabbi Joseph Albo approaches Dante to congratulate her performance and participation. He heals her with some un-official plans for conversation at a later date.

Morthos went to a tavern [Duck & Fowler Inn] and found wenches. Failed to get drunk.

Dante returns to the Lake company to celebrate.
Lady Lake retreats to her room to rest and refresh before the feast.

Blaise returns to the Lake tent and ends up being invited to the party.

Salazar donates the gold to a church. He follows music to a party.

Ricardo searches out Dante at the Lake tent.

A squire enters the Lake tent. The Duke sends a missive to Mace Allot.
Mace gives the lad a silver and awaits a response.
The letter is an invitation to the feast, and a private meeting with the Marquis. ‘PS: Please bring Lady Lake.’
The squire exists and trips over another man entering the tent. “I’ve a missive for the tumbler!”
The Duke requests Salazar’s presence in a meeting after the feast.

The Dancing Pony where Morthos is meditating. A confused young man is at the door with a letter for ‘Mortimer’ (from the Duke). Morthos slams the door in the boy’s face. The boy stutters. Morthos opens the door, snarls, reads the letter. ‘Crap’ in Latin. Boy snickers.
“Yes”. Slams door. ‘Crap’ in Latin.

A page comes to summon Ricardo to the Marquise.
Gigi is excited. “I have a task for you! Join my Lord Husband in his study after dinner!”
A handsome, young squire delivers a letter to Dante. (Rinse and repeat.) ‘With escort of your choice.’

Blaise is twitting to a bird. (Invitation from one of the Duke’s druids.)

Ricardo talks to his cat.
And has prepared an outfit for Dante.

At the feast

By mysterious circumstance the party ends up sitting together near the middle of the room.

Morthos shows up late. (He was invited to the feast, but the boy didn’t tell him.)

Duke’s study

Beverages are offered and accepted.

Lady Lake, Gigi, and a lady-in-waiting (mistress of the Duke?) are fast friends and giggling in the corner. [Talking about the Duke’s penis.]

A couple of scholars are in the room.

Dante’s spot-check: Notices the Ladies conversation. Duke’s guards.

Mace is bumped by someone and spills beer all over his shirt. Ricardo cleans it up.

The Duke enters and summons the party forward.
“I’ve been impressed by all of you. ~ You know I have this book? And how it talks about a weapon? I want you to find the weapon.”
“Where?” Ricardo asks.
“Syracuse.” The Duke hands the book to Ricardo. “I want you to keep this safe. I trust you.”
“Mace your leadership and skill. I ask you to lead this party.” Lady Lake is smiling as the Duke speaks.
“ ‘Young Lady’ [at Dante], will you join this quest?”
“ ‘Mortimer’. And you?”
“1000 gold pieces.” Morthos.

Salazar. (Ditto.) “Will you use this weapon for anything other than defense of your city?”
Blaise demands 1001 gold pieces.

Dante Detects Evil in ‘Morty’.

The Duke has arranged a ship to San Morino three-days hence.
Vouchers are available. (Free equipment.)
The Duke gives everyone 2500 gold.
Except Mortimer, who asked for half that. (“The rest will be donated to the Church in your name.”)

Salazar declines the money, but the Duke requests that he outfits himself first.
Salazar insists, and the Duke concedes.

The Duke dismisses us to the main hall where a party is in session.

Gigi and Ricardo are dancing. Lady Lake and Mace are dancing.
Dante spots both the handsome squire (15 years old, and drunk) and Morthos approaching and turns to Salazar and gestures meaningfully. With a bemused/understanding grin they move to the dance floor.

The Barracuda approaches Morthos and drags him to the dance floor.

‘Morty’ slowly turns purple. He’s glowing. Purple.
No explanation.

Morthos is looking at tapestries.

Dante switches between dancing with Blaise and Salazar.

Meet tomorrow morning after breakfast. Common room of the Duck & Fowler Inn.

After the party Morthos goes to the armory with an guard escort.
Returns to the Duck & Fowler.

Next Morning

Duke tells Mace the information & letter needed to get our ship.

Marching order: Blaise, Mace, Morthos, Ricardo, Dante, with Salazar pacing the line.

Blaise hands Ricardo a backpack, “Hold this for a minute, then put it on my back.” Blaise then turns into a direwolf.

Dante summons her warhorse.

A group of children run past the party. Mace’s horse startles and rears, he looks very dashing. Ricardo’s horse/pony startles badly and hits a fruit stand. Dante’s mount, Arya, merely snorts at the impetuous children.

Spot check:
A brace of rabbits spook and dart across the road.

We find a nice place to camp.

Mace takes the first watch. And insists that Ricardo joins him.

Morthos and Salazar the midnight watch.
‘Bernardis’ (dire badger) hears something in the tree behind him. He growls at Salazar.
Salazar runs towards the tree and unleashes his Aura of Light. He sees nothing.
“Morty! I’m checking the bushes. Watch my back.” Salazar steps forward and sees a figure.

Roll for Initiative:

Bernardis lets out an ear-piercing battle cry.
[Blaise and Dante hear and wake up. Ricardo and Blaise snort and roll over.]
Blaise runs out of the tent and becomes a direbadger.
The Morningstar Brigand swings a two-headed morning star at Salazar and misses (with a 26).
Mace grabs his gear and runs out.
Salazar attacks Morningstar Giant, miss.
Morthos attacks Polearm Pinky with an eldritch blast, fumble and miss.
~ (Cronically
Dante is suiting up.
Ricardo casts Haste… on Dante, Sasoon, Ricardo, & Mace. (And extra attack, +1 to attack, +1 AC & reflex.)
Bernardis attacks Morningstar Brigand, miss.
Blaise calls down lightning on Polearm Pinky, hits for 8pts.
Morningstar Brigand attacks Salazar, miss.
Mace engages Polearm Pinky, hit for 12pts.
Salazar attacks Morningstar Brigand, crits for 24pts.
Morthos throws ‘fuzzy ball’ at Polearm Pinky. A black bear appears.
Dante sprints 60ft towards Salazar & the direbadger.
[Morthos bear will go here.]
End of Initiative round.

3rd Session (7.24.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Note: Lansing is absent for this session. Therefore the DM will be playing Morthos as according to the notes he left.

Tournament Field is about 95×180’.

Note #2: Diane is playing Metran Windermere (Metra-Gnome), one of Lady Lake’s guards.

Game Start

All PCs are gathered in Lady Lake’s tent. (Plotonium)

Lady Lake summons Mace and asks him to carry her token. She takes a green scarf (given to her from Ricardo) and wraps it around his arm.
Ricardo is crying.
Metran gives Mace a codpiece.

Horns sound the tournament, party exits the tent.
Duke makes a grand opening speech.

Initiative Roll:
Dante 23, Emrys Bassenthwaite (Logan) 8, Mace 9, Metran (Diane) 7, Hordle John (Bob) 16.

The Lake party moves to engage the Naples party.
Hordle John is engaged by one of the Ferraran fighters.
Dante (Natural 1) stumbled sideways.
Dante attacks Naples Orange, deals 26pts.
The White party is pounding the idiot [squire bunt] that engaged them.
…[NPC combat]
Two of the Feraran fighters are engaging the English party.
Hordle John attacks Squire Bunt.
Naples Shield engages Mace, missed.
Naples Blue attacks Master Fiore, ?.
Fiore’s Students #3 dodges.
Naples Orange attacks Dante, missed.
Mace attacks to Naples Shield, deals 7pts.
Emrys engages Naples Red, deals 4pts.
Metran engages Naples Shield, deals 15pts.
Lake Extra engages Naples Orange, ?
Naples Red attacks Emrys, missed.
….[NPC combat]
First fallen, Ferraran.
Dante attacks Naples Orange, deals 27pts.
…. [NPC combat]
Hordle John attacks Squire Bunt, deals 20pts. Fatality #2.
_ attacks Mace, miss.
_ attacks Master Fiore, deals 4pts.
Naples Orange attacks Dante, missed.
…[NPC combat]
Mace attacks Naples Shield, deals 14pts. Fatality?

Emrys attacks Naples Red, missed.
Metran attacks Ferrara Rapier, deals 10pts.
Naples Red attacks Emrys, miss.
….[NPC combat]
Ferrara Rapier attacks Metran, miss.

Dante attacks Naples Orange, deals 12pts. Fatality. Engages Naples Red, miss.
…[NPC combat]
Hordle John engages English _, deals 36pts.

Mace attacks Ferrara Rapier, deals 19pts. Fatality.
Emrys attacks Naples Red, deals 7pts.
Metran bull-rushes Naples King, knocks him back 5’, into Master Fiore. Fiore failed his balance check.
Lake Extra attacks Naples Red, miss.
Naples Red attacks Emrys, miss.
Naples Mace attacks Metran, deals 8pts.
Master Fiore stands up.
Dante attacks Naples Red, deals 48pts. KILL.
…[NPC combat]
Mace engages Naples Mace, deals 12pts.
Emrys engages Naples Mace, deals 11pts.
Metran attacks King of Naples, deals 6pts.
Naples Mace attacks Metran, deals 4pts.
Master Fiore attacks King of Naples, deals 18pts.
Dante attacks Naples Mace, deals 12pts. Fatality. Engages King of Naples, miss.
…[NPC combat]
Hordle John attacked _, missed.
King of Naples attacks Metran, miss.
Mace attacks King of Naples, deals 12pts.
Emrys flanks Master Fiore, miss.
Metran attacks King of Naples, deals 14pts. Fatality.
[Morthos drops a sphere of darkness over the archer]
Master Fiore attacks Metran, deals 2pts.
Dante flanks Master Fiore, miss.
…[NPC combat]
Hordle John attacks Oldcastle, deals pts.
Mace flanks Master Fiore, miss.
Emrys attacks Fiore, 16pts.
Metran attacks Fiore, miss.
Lake Extra attacks Fiore, miss.
Master Fiore attacks Mace, 6pts.
…[NPC combat]
Dante attacks Fiore, deals 22pts.

_ attacks Hordle John, deals 7pts.
…[NPC combat]
Hordle John attacks Oldcastle, who yields the fields.

Mace attacked Master Fiore, miss.
Emrys attacks Fiore, deals 10pts.
Metran attacks Fiore, deals 8pts.
Lake Extra attacks Fiore, miss.
Flash around Master Fiore, who drops. [Morthos]
Dante engages White Thornbutt, deals 14pts.
…[NPC combat]
Prince Henry advances on Mace.
Hordle John advances on Prince Harry. Provokes an Attack of Opportunity, -8pts. Attacks Prince Henry, deals 16pts.
Mace attacks Prince Henry, deals 7pts.
Emrys engages White Thornbutt, deals 9pts.
Metran engages Prince Henry, deals 12pts.
Lake Extra engages Hordle John, miss.
Dante attacks White Thornbutt, deals 13pts. Fatality. Attacks White Nigel, deals 13pts.
Arrow misses Dante’s ear.
…[NPC combat]
Prince Henry attacks Mace, miss.
Hordle John attacks Mace, 16pts.
Mace attacks Prince Henry, deals 13pts. Cleaves Hordle John, deals 10pts.
Emrys engages White Nigel, miss.
Metran engages Hordle John, 17pts.
…[NPC combat]
_ attacks Hordle John, deals 14pts.
[Morthos’ turn] A wolf appears in the middle of the combat arena.
Dante attacks White Nigel, deals 13pts. Attacks on English Squire, deals 13pts.
White Archer attacks Dante, deals 5pts.
…[NPC combat]
Hordle John attacks Mace, deals 32pts.
English NPC attacks Dante, miss.
Mace attacks Hordle John, deals 14pts. Fatality.
Emrys attacks English NPC, deals 4pts.
Metran bull-rushes English Pier, bounces backwords.
Lake Extra bull-rushes English Pier, knocks him backwards. Provokes an attack of opportunity [wolf], -?
Dante attacks English NPC, deals 26pts.
White Archer attacks Dante, deals 2pts.
…[NPC combat]
English NPC attacks Dante, deals 4pts.
Mace attacks English Pier, deals 12pts. Fatality.
Emrys steps aside, pulls out crossbow, and fires at the archer. Missed.
Metran engages English Pier, deals 9pts.
…[NPC combat]
Dante engages White Archer, deals 11pts.
White Archer attempts to grapple with Dante, fail.
…[NPC combat]
Mace attacks English Pier, deals 23pts.
Emrys attacks White Archer, deals 6pts.
Metran attacks English Pier, deals 8pts. Fatality.
Wolf attacks White Archer, deals 7pts.
White Archer (Last Man Standing) yields. The wolf disappears.

End of Combat

The audience is applauding.
A beautiful lady and an old man are healing the fallen.

2nd Session (7.17.2012)

DM ( Jason)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)

Game Start
(Characters are seperate.)

Dante begins heading towards the Palace to meet with Riccardo.

Riccardo informs Lady Lake’s page of a capable warrior.

Morthos is being conned into grunt work.

Lady Lake receives Riccardo’s page. and tells Mace about the ‘young man named Dante’ who comes highly recommended.

Blaize is watching(?). The White Company is at the Dancing Horse Inn. Their wooden equipment is badly damaged – unusable.

Salazar is wandering the city, learning it. He makes plans and contingencies, noting every back-alley and climbable ledge.

Dante arrives at the Palace an hour and a half before the procession. Riccardo is rushing about, making everything perfect.
Riccardo sends Lady Lake a necklace.
Dante enters the keep. Follows a page to Riccardo.
Riccardo is currently the center of organized chaos. A hundred things are happening at once, and Boscolo is in the middle of it all. Despite being the master of the moments,

Morthos has made little progress in his list of chores. The squires eventually chase him away.

Blaize decides that the White Company has been dealt with, and so decided to search out interesting people. He follows Mace.

The Procession -

Everybody but Dante & Riccardo see…. Notice another major standard near the English party (Morthos is with the English party).
Riccardo & Dante will notice…

Procession starts.
First the Marqui and Marquessa of Ferrara and their household.
A young man leads the Second procession. Salazaar dressed in acrobatics clothes. He’s good, but not stellar.
Third; Harry Bolingbroke flying the arms of England. They’re here to party. ‘Morty’ is with them, dressed in long robes.
Fourth; Lady Viviane Lake’s procession flying the arms of Lake Bassenthwaite. Lake wears a yellow gown and a green scarf with emeralds. Mace is the stereotypical ‘knight in shining armor’.
Fifth; (dwarfs) Short men with thick, black beards.
….Da-da-da- Skipping lots of gourps.
The White Company: Dressed all in white, the company gleams. Hordle John is so large watchers fear for the horse.

The Procession arrives at the dais.
When the second party arrives the Duke calls out to a ‘cousin’ and a young boy/man approaches the dais.
…Da-da-da- Everybody shows up near/at the dais. Pomp & circumstance. –da-da-da- The Duke ‘opens’ the tournament with the announcement of a Ball.

The Duke invites Salazaar to perform at the Ball.

Riccardo drags Dante along and gathers partiers to converge upon the Dancing Horse. Finds Bryon, the youngest apprentice of Master Fiore. He also sends a page to Salazaar.

Dante & Riccardo arrive at the Dancing Horse.
Lady Lake has retired.
Morthos is sitting at a table with ser Harry. There is laughter.
Riccardo orders wine. And sees Mace.
- They… Socialize…. Briefly.
Blaize sits at a table – by chance, the same one that ‘Morty’ is sitting at. They meet (NPC) Davey, squire to ser Harry. Also meet ser Richard, Earls of Cornsburg.

Mace is drenched with beer. Riccardo chuckles and orders him another.
da-da-da More socializing.

Dante and Bryon (NPC) have been invited to sit with Lady Lake’s guards. There has been chatting and rumor-swapping.

-Everyone returns to their own abodes to prepare for the Ball.

da-da-da (DM gives many detailed, lengthy descriptions about the castle and its contents. With visual aids.)

Lady Lake (and Mace) approaches Riccardo and thanks him for the scarf.
Mace glowers.

da-da-da More lively imagery and music from the DM.

Note: The Duke’s scholars are missing. –Except for Master Fiore.

The Duke arrives. The scholars follow.
Herald calls for attention.
- Summary of Marquis’ speech: Open melee tomorrow. Calls forward the contestants.
<u>Ferrara team</u>: listed and named.
More names –da-da-da-
<u>White Company</u>: John of Hordle da-da-da, John mug-to-face,
<u>Men of Cheepside</u>: Harry Bolingbroke is the PRINCE OF ENGLAND.
<u>Lady Viviane Lake of Bassenthwaite</u>: Mace Allot, Emrys Bassenthwaite, Kesswick, Grey, Winderman, Dante Tavoularis.
An acrobat is called forward
- End of speech.

Salazaar flips from a chandelier in an amazing leap.
Mortamor walks into one of the servers, dishes crash to the floor, people turn, Morty falls over.
Salazaar pulls off impressive feats of acrobatics.

Darkness engulfed a section of the room before being dispelled.

Group Spot Check

Riccardo is looking in the wrong direction and doesn’t see.
The rest of the PCs notice the three men in robes who apparently dispelled the darkness. They are glaring at Mortimer. One crooks a finger.
Mortimer flips them the bird, turns invisible, and then runs.

The three men turn to the Duke.
“My Grace, there is a wizard wreaking havoc in your hall. We will take care of him.”
“He’s going toward the door!”
“Don’t worry- I’ve got him.”

Lansing is running.

A loud ‘bang’ as though someone had run into a door. “Son of a b***h!”
Mortimer’s body goes rigid.
The mages approach.
Mortimer starts screaming in Latin. (Gibberish.)
One of the mages grabs a guard and tells him, “Just stand there.”
The mages dismiss the event as an act.
One of them spells the idiot to sleep.
The mages drag unconscious Mortimer from the room.
Everyone applauds.

The Grace leads the guests into a back room. “There is something I wish to show you.”
“Book of Hours” He invites everyone forward to examine it. People do. (Including the PCs.) The Scholars don’t approach the book.
The Marqui asks, “Did anyone notice anything? Does anyone knows what it is?”
Blaize raises his hand.
The Duke acknowledges him.
Blaize meets a local druid.

Morthos makes a pathetic escape attempt.

Duke, “Master Ak-ashi, would you care to explain?”
A ‘palimpsest’ – a book that has been over-written. It was titled ‘<u>The Feats and Life of Archimedes</u>’. (Archimedes was an inventor and engineer from Greece.) He’s theories, ‘The Method’,
It is a book of spells, magic, and science.

‘Death Ray’ of Archimedes is mentioned in the decoded part.
The victor of the tournament will be offered a chance to under-take a quest to find the plans for this Death Ray.

The court healer approaches Morthos and casts ‘cure light wounds’.


The Marquee and Lady Lake keep trading dances with Mace. (Who is bad with dancing.)

Everyone had a grand time at the Ball.

Except for Morthos, who has been with the healer-Barracuda-lady.

The Adventure Begins

Its the day before the festival begins.

Ricardo is in a tizzy preparing the dress for Gigi and the rest of the household.

Mace and company arrive mid morning. Takes rooms at the dancing horse in.

Morthos spent the night at the Dancing Horse Inn. Rise early and head to the church

Dante is in San Marino getting off the ship and starts riding toward Ferrara.

Blaise arrived in town yesterday and is staying in the park. His animal companion is left there.

Mace spars with Fiore and does well. Ricardo’s preparations go well.

Morthos fails to see the priest. The brothers having seen through your ruse.


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