Ancient Lights

2nd Session (7.17.2012)

DM ( Jason)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)

Game Start
(Characters are seperate.)

Dante begins heading towards the Palace to meet with Riccardo.

Riccardo informs Lady Lake’s page of a capable warrior.

Morthos is being conned into grunt work.

Lady Lake receives Riccardo’s page. and tells Mace about the ‘young man named Dante’ who comes highly recommended.

Blaize is watching(?). The White Company is at the Dancing Horse Inn. Their wooden equipment is badly damaged – unusable.

Salazar is wandering the city, learning it. He makes plans and contingencies, noting every back-alley and climbable ledge.

Dante arrives at the Palace an hour and a half before the procession. Riccardo is rushing about, making everything perfect.
Riccardo sends Lady Lake a necklace.
Dante enters the keep. Follows a page to Riccardo.
Riccardo is currently the center of organized chaos. A hundred things are happening at once, and Boscolo is in the middle of it all. Despite being the master of the moments,

Morthos has made little progress in his list of chores. The squires eventually chase him away.

Blaize decides that the White Company has been dealt with, and so decided to search out interesting people. He follows Mace.

The Procession -

Everybody but Dante & Riccardo see…. Notice another major standard near the English party (Morthos is with the English party).
Riccardo & Dante will notice…

Procession starts.
First the Marqui and Marquessa of Ferrara and their household.
A young man leads the Second procession. Salazaar dressed in acrobatics clothes. He’s good, but not stellar.
Third; Harry Bolingbroke flying the arms of England. They’re here to party. ‘Morty’ is with them, dressed in long robes.
Fourth; Lady Viviane Lake’s procession flying the arms of Lake Bassenthwaite. Lake wears a yellow gown and a green scarf with emeralds. Mace is the stereotypical ‘knight in shining armor’.
Fifth; (dwarfs) Short men with thick, black beards.
….Da-da-da- Skipping lots of gourps.
The White Company: Dressed all in white, the company gleams. Hordle John is so large watchers fear for the horse.

The Procession arrives at the dais.
When the second party arrives the Duke calls out to a ‘cousin’ and a young boy/man approaches the dais.
…Da-da-da- Everybody shows up near/at the dais. Pomp & circumstance. –da-da-da- The Duke ‘opens’ the tournament with the announcement of a Ball.

The Duke invites Salazaar to perform at the Ball.

Riccardo drags Dante along and gathers partiers to converge upon the Dancing Horse. Finds Bryon, the youngest apprentice of Master Fiore. He also sends a page to Salazaar.

Dante & Riccardo arrive at the Dancing Horse.
Lady Lake has retired.
Morthos is sitting at a table with ser Harry. There is laughter.
Riccardo orders wine. And sees Mace.
- They… Socialize…. Briefly.
Blaize sits at a table – by chance, the same one that ‘Morty’ is sitting at. They meet (NPC) Davey, squire to ser Harry. Also meet ser Richard, Earls of Cornsburg.

Mace is drenched with beer. Riccardo chuckles and orders him another.
da-da-da More socializing.

Dante and Bryon (NPC) have been invited to sit with Lady Lake’s guards. There has been chatting and rumor-swapping.

-Everyone returns to their own abodes to prepare for the Ball.

da-da-da (DM gives many detailed, lengthy descriptions about the castle and its contents. With visual aids.)

Lady Lake (and Mace) approaches Riccardo and thanks him for the scarf.
Mace glowers.

da-da-da More lively imagery and music from the DM.

Note: The Duke’s scholars are missing. –Except for Master Fiore.

The Duke arrives. The scholars follow.
Herald calls for attention.
- Summary of Marquis’ speech: Open melee tomorrow. Calls forward the contestants.
<u>Ferrara team</u>: listed and named.
More names –da-da-da-
<u>White Company</u>: John of Hordle da-da-da, John mug-to-face,
<u>Men of Cheepside</u>: Harry Bolingbroke is the PRINCE OF ENGLAND.
<u>Lady Viviane Lake of Bassenthwaite</u>: Mace Allot, Emrys Bassenthwaite, Kesswick, Grey, Winderman, Dante Tavoularis.
An acrobat is called forward
- End of speech.

Salazaar flips from a chandelier in an amazing leap.
Mortamor walks into one of the servers, dishes crash to the floor, people turn, Morty falls over.
Salazaar pulls off impressive feats of acrobatics.

Darkness engulfed a section of the room before being dispelled.

Group Spot Check

Riccardo is looking in the wrong direction and doesn’t see.
The rest of the PCs notice the three men in robes who apparently dispelled the darkness. They are glaring at Mortimer. One crooks a finger.
Mortimer flips them the bird, turns invisible, and then runs.

The three men turn to the Duke.
“My Grace, there is a wizard wreaking havoc in your hall. We will take care of him.”
“He’s going toward the door!”
“Don’t worry- I’ve got him.”

Lansing is running.

A loud ‘bang’ as though someone had run into a door. “Son of a b***h!”
Mortimer’s body goes rigid.
The mages approach.
Mortimer starts screaming in Latin. (Gibberish.)
One of the mages grabs a guard and tells him, “Just stand there.”
The mages dismiss the event as an act.
One of them spells the idiot to sleep.
The mages drag unconscious Mortimer from the room.
Everyone applauds.

The Grace leads the guests into a back room. “There is something I wish to show you.”
“Book of Hours” He invites everyone forward to examine it. People do. (Including the PCs.) The Scholars don’t approach the book.
The Marqui asks, “Did anyone notice anything? Does anyone knows what it is?”
Blaize raises his hand.
The Duke acknowledges him.
Blaize meets a local druid.

Morthos makes a pathetic escape attempt.

Duke, “Master Ak-ashi, would you care to explain?”
A ‘palimpsest’ – a book that has been over-written. It was titled ‘<u>The Feats and Life of Archimedes</u>’. (Archimedes was an inventor and engineer from Greece.) He’s theories, ‘The Method’,
It is a book of spells, magic, and science.

‘Death Ray’ of Archimedes is mentioned in the decoded part.
The victor of the tournament will be offered a chance to under-take a quest to find the plans for this Death Ray.

The court healer approaches Morthos and casts ‘cure light wounds’.


The Marquee and Lady Lake keep trading dances with Mace. (Who is bad with dancing.)

Everyone had a grand time at the Ball.

Except for Morthos, who has been with the healer-Barracuda-lady.



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