Ancient Lights

4th Session (7.31.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Game Start

The party has just completed the tournament. (It lasted a few hours.)

Salazar, Ricardo, & Blaise were investigating the city, looking for information about the book.
The book is in the Duke’s library under ‘reasonable’ security. (Who knows what they consider ‘reasonable’.)
Joseph Albo (Gnome Jew). ‘Circle of Protection’. ‘Locks on the door’.

After the tournament: Ricardo swung by the library and visited with the guards.
Outside the Duke’s study was a run-of-the-mill guard. Marquis staff is allowed entrance.
“Do not approach the book on the pedestal.”
Ricardo browses the books. ‘Syracuse’. ‘Catacombs of San Giovanni’.

Salazar puts on a tumbling show for the bored kids. A nobleman throws the tumbler a gold.
‘Ferrara’s going to take over the world’. ‘Mechanical robots’.
Napal’s pavilion. They complain about the Pope in Rome. The Angelian pope is the true Pope.

Blaise spent the day following Sassoon. Little girls like the kitties, the cats don’t care for the kids.
Nobles of Ferrara: The evil anti-Pope in France is a threat to Catholic society. Reason why the Muslims were able to make such in-roads in Spain.

Lady Lake praises Mace, and the borrowed knights.
Mace is approached by the Barracuda Lady for healing. – “Well renowned for her skill in the healing arts. Trained by/with Mariam Manassis.”

Dante searches out the man she killed. She finds him bloody, but breathing. An attending priest tells her that he has been ‘restored’, and will need rest for a few days.
Rabbi Joseph Albo approaches Dante to congratulate her performance and participation. He heals her with some un-official plans for conversation at a later date.

Morthos went to a tavern [Duck & Fowler Inn] and found wenches. Failed to get drunk.

Dante returns to the Lake company to celebrate.
Lady Lake retreats to her room to rest and refresh before the feast.

Blaise returns to the Lake tent and ends up being invited to the party.

Salazar donates the gold to a church. He follows music to a party.

Ricardo searches out Dante at the Lake tent.

A squire enters the Lake tent. The Duke sends a missive to Mace Allot.
Mace gives the lad a silver and awaits a response.
The letter is an invitation to the feast, and a private meeting with the Marquis. ‘PS: Please bring Lady Lake.’
The squire exists and trips over another man entering the tent. “I’ve a missive for the tumbler!”
The Duke requests Salazar’s presence in a meeting after the feast.

The Dancing Pony where Morthos is meditating. A confused young man is at the door with a letter for ‘Mortimer’ (from the Duke). Morthos slams the door in the boy’s face. The boy stutters. Morthos opens the door, snarls, reads the letter. ‘Crap’ in Latin. Boy snickers.
“Yes”. Slams door. ‘Crap’ in Latin.

A page comes to summon Ricardo to the Marquise.
Gigi is excited. “I have a task for you! Join my Lord Husband in his study after dinner!”
A handsome, young squire delivers a letter to Dante. (Rinse and repeat.) ‘With escort of your choice.’

Blaise is twitting to a bird. (Invitation from one of the Duke’s druids.)

Ricardo talks to his cat.
And has prepared an outfit for Dante.

At the feast

By mysterious circumstance the party ends up sitting together near the middle of the room.

Morthos shows up late. (He was invited to the feast, but the boy didn’t tell him.)

Duke’s study

Beverages are offered and accepted.

Lady Lake, Gigi, and a lady-in-waiting (mistress of the Duke?) are fast friends and giggling in the corner. [Talking about the Duke’s penis.]

A couple of scholars are in the room.

Dante’s spot-check: Notices the Ladies conversation. Duke’s guards.

Mace is bumped by someone and spills beer all over his shirt. Ricardo cleans it up.

The Duke enters and summons the party forward.
“I’ve been impressed by all of you. ~ You know I have this book? And how it talks about a weapon? I want you to find the weapon.”
“Where?” Ricardo asks.
“Syracuse.” The Duke hands the book to Ricardo. “I want you to keep this safe. I trust you.”
“Mace your leadership and skill. I ask you to lead this party.” Lady Lake is smiling as the Duke speaks.
“ ‘Young Lady’ [at Dante], will you join this quest?”
“ ‘Mortimer’. And you?”
“1000 gold pieces.” Morthos.

Salazar. (Ditto.) “Will you use this weapon for anything other than defense of your city?”
Blaise demands 1001 gold pieces.

Dante Detects Evil in ‘Morty’.

The Duke has arranged a ship to San Morino three-days hence.
Vouchers are available. (Free equipment.)
The Duke gives everyone 2500 gold.
Except Mortimer, who asked for half that. (“The rest will be donated to the Church in your name.”)

Salazar declines the money, but the Duke requests that he outfits himself first.
Salazar insists, and the Duke concedes.

The Duke dismisses us to the main hall where a party is in session.

Gigi and Ricardo are dancing. Lady Lake and Mace are dancing.
Dante spots both the handsome squire (15 years old, and drunk) and Morthos approaching and turns to Salazar and gestures meaningfully. With a bemused/understanding grin they move to the dance floor.

The Barracuda approaches Morthos and drags him to the dance floor.

‘Morty’ slowly turns purple. He’s glowing. Purple.
No explanation.

Morthos is looking at tapestries.

Dante switches between dancing with Blaise and Salazar.

Meet tomorrow morning after breakfast. Common room of the Duck & Fowler Inn.

After the party Morthos goes to the armory with an guard escort.
Returns to the Duck & Fowler.

Next Morning

Duke tells Mace the information & letter needed to get our ship.

Marching order: Blaise, Mace, Morthos, Ricardo, Dante, with Salazar pacing the line.

Blaise hands Ricardo a backpack, “Hold this for a minute, then put it on my back.” Blaise then turns into a direwolf.

Dante summons her warhorse.

A group of children run past the party. Mace’s horse startles and rears, he looks very dashing. Ricardo’s horse/pony startles badly and hits a fruit stand. Dante’s mount, Arya, merely snorts at the impetuous children.

Spot check:
A brace of rabbits spook and dart across the road.

We find a nice place to camp.

Mace takes the first watch. And insists that Ricardo joins him.

Morthos and Salazar the midnight watch.
‘Bernardis’ (dire badger) hears something in the tree behind him. He growls at Salazar.
Salazar runs towards the tree and unleashes his Aura of Light. He sees nothing.
“Morty! I’m checking the bushes. Watch my back.” Salazar steps forward and sees a figure.

Roll for Initiative:

Bernardis lets out an ear-piercing battle cry.
[Blaise and Dante hear and wake up. Ricardo and Blaise snort and roll over.]
Blaise runs out of the tent and becomes a direbadger.
The Morningstar Brigand swings a two-headed morning star at Salazar and misses (with a 26).
Mace grabs his gear and runs out.
Salazar attacks Morningstar Giant, miss.
Morthos attacks Polearm Pinky with an eldritch blast, fumble and miss.
~ (Cronically
Dante is suiting up.
Ricardo casts Haste… on Dante, Sasoon, Ricardo, & Mace. (And extra attack, +1 to attack, +1 AC & reflex.)
Bernardis attacks Morningstar Brigand, miss.
Blaise calls down lightning on Polearm Pinky, hits for 8pts.
Morningstar Brigand attacks Salazar, miss.
Mace engages Polearm Pinky, hit for 12pts.
Salazar attacks Morningstar Brigand, crits for 24pts.
Morthos throws ‘fuzzy ball’ at Polearm Pinky. A black bear appears.
Dante sprints 60ft towards Salazar & the direbadger.
[Morthos bear will go here.]
End of Initiative round.



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