Ancient Lights

5th Session (8.14.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Game Start

Round 2 of combat, top of rotation.

Pink Enemy attacks Mace, hit for 9pts.
Ricardo casts Hold Person on ?. Moves.
Bernardis (dire badger) attacks ?
and misses.
Blaise attacks the Pink Enemy, hits for ?.
Large Fellow attacks Salazar, miss.
Mace attacks the Pink Enemy, hits, knock out. Moves and engages the Green Enemy.
Salazar attacks Large Fellow, miss.
Morthos attacks the Green Enemy, hits for 11pts.
Dante attacks the Large Fellow, hits for 17pts & 15pts. Bisected.
Black Bear engages the Second Fellow, miss.
Ricardo swaps the [dead] Large Fellow with the [living] Second Fellow.
Bernardis attacks Second Fellow, misses.
Green Fellow attacks Mace, miss.
Blaise attacks Green Fellow (with lightning), hit for 5pts.
Third Fellow attacks Black Bear, hit for ?
Mace attacks Green Fellow, hits for 25pts. Knock out.
Salazar attacks Second Fellow, miss.
Morthos attacks Second Fellow, hits for ???.
Second Fellow attacks Salazar, misses.
Dante attacks Second Fellow, hits for 24pts. Knock out.
Black Bear attacks Third Fellow, hit for 8pts.
Ricardo trys to switch the [living] Third Fellow with the [dead] Second Fellow. Fail.
Blaise transforms into a dire bear and attacks Third Fellow, hits for 15pts. Improved grab, success.
Mace moves to sit down and watch the Dire Bear hold the Third Fellow.
Salazar touched the downed Second Fellow and a golden, crystal-like structure covered him. (Touch of Golden Ice)
Morthos floats over towards Mace.
Dante uses Detect Evil. All surviving enemies and Morthos register as evil.
Black Bear eats the entrails of the Large Fellow.
Ricardo searches/loots the dead bodies.
Bernardis sits to watch Dire Blaise work.
Dire Blaise attacks the Last Fellow, hits for 37pts. Kill.

End of Combat

Ricardo goes to search/loot the body (Pink Enemy).
People are searching/looting bodies.
Dire Blaise recognizes them as orcs.

Salazar finds a letter. Ricardo recognizes the language as French.
Letter: By order of his Holiness the Pope. Delay/destroy the party sent out from Ferrara.

Salazar is searching through the shredded enemies.

Dante kills the crystallized enemy at her feet. Walks over to the other survivor and repeats.
Dante ‘cleans up the camp’.

Ricardo, Morthos, & Salazar went to bed.
Mace, Ricardo, Blaise, & Dante stay up. (Dante cleans her equipment.)

At dawn Blaise returns to his human form.

Night. Ride the next day.

Arrival at San Morino


We present our letter to the gate guard, he summons the Mayor of San Morino. Our party is escorted to the fanciest inn (The Swinging Pirate), where they are treated like royalty.

Captain Magellan’s ship the Leviathan.

Next Day

Rumor going through town: There was a horrible murder in one of the out-lying towns. (Lansing is cackling)

Set Sail

Dante & Mace have been bunked in the same cabin.
Morthos, Blaise, & Salazar have been bunked in the general quarters.
Ricardo is with the horses in the cargo hold.

Arrival at Syracuse

We stay at ‘Archimedes’s Delight’.

Every sod and his mother has a story about Archimedes.

Party heads to Archimedes Tower at the coast.
Stairs. Climbing order – Mace, Salazar, Blaise, Morthos, Ricardo, Dante

The room is clean.
(It’s a tourist site.)



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