Ancient Lights

6th Session (10.16.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Game Start –

Salazar is looking at the bookshelf.
Ricardo is at the desk.
Badger is in Blaise’s backpack.
Morthos was looking down the pipe under the shiny-thing.
Mace is
Dante is searching the room.

Correction, everyone is searching the room.

Blaise casts ‘Light’ on the inkwell down the hole. It falls a long way before hitting the bottom and falling out of the way.

Five levers.

Mace pulls the outside two. – The ceiling opens like a blooming flower. The ‘Death Ray’ raises through the roof.
A ‘thump’ sound and the center dais dropped.

Mace pushes the center-outside levers upward.

Mace pulls the middle lever down.

Dante & Blaise can read the labeling on the levers.

Salazar takes the shiny-sphere. Morty tries to knock it out of his hands.
Dante pulls her blade.

Morty glows purple. (Due to Blaise’s Fairy Fire.)

Riccardo casts Invisibility on Dante.

Morty cast’s ‘Detect Magic’ and can see some of Dante’s gear.

Salazar tries to break the sphere. It dents the wall.
Salazar tries to attack it – and almost breaks his knees.

Blaise flows through stone to explore the basement.

A large ornate stone door with a key hole blocks the way. Three keys hang to the left of the door, one gold, one silver, and one copper. The following inscription is chiseled in to the door.

“One key and one alone can force this door to open. Choose incorrectly and what lies beyond shall never see the light of day. Three clues are given, but only one is true. Use wisdom to guide your hand, lest your dreams be dashed by your own folly.”

1. The gold key opens the door
2. The silver key does not open the door
3. The gold key does not open the door

Blaise casts ‘warp wood’ on the floor.

Mace closes the roof again.
The dais lowers and we all jump on.

The copper key opens the door.
Salazar takes the key.

Riccardo binds Morty. Dante attacks the Evil Pinata.

Morty dies.

Riccardo goes to the corner of the room and vomits on the statue.
The Armored Golem attacks him for 22pts of damage.
Mace runs across the room towards the Armored Golem.
Blaise rushes over to Riccardo and heals 18pts of damage.
Morty is dead.
Salazar dropped the McGuffin and moved to the Golem and attacks for 17pts.
Dante moves up. (10ft from the Golem.)
- Blaise is screaming at Salazar “Open the door!”

Armored Golem opens its mouth and a poison green fog pour out. Dante & Salazar are in range. _ Dante takes no damage of any kind. Salazar takes 1pt of damage & loses 11pts constitution points.
Armored Golem attacks Salazar and misses.
Mace runs to the door.
Blaise casts Wind Wall across the room.
Salazar runs for the door and uses the key. The door raises.
Dante retreats towards the door.
Riccardo casts grease on the floor and runs to the door.

The Golem returns to its post.

Mace moves up into the room.
Blaise also moves up into the room.
Riccardo gets the orbs and puts them in his pack.

Dante, Mace, Salazar
Riccardo & Blaise

We turn the corner to see a whole bunch of skeletons.

Blaise casts. Deals 17pts of damage to each skeleton.

Combat is over.
In one round.

Single file: Mace, Dante, Salazar, Blaise, Riccardo

While moving through the stream the surface of the water freezes, trapping Mace, Dante, and one of Salazar’s feet.

Piranha appear and nibble at Dante’s & Mace’s feet.
Mace attacks the piranha through the ice. Fish on a stick.
Riccardo casts haste?
Dante forges the way through the ice towards the other side of the stream.
Blaise casts Calm Animal and the piranha settle down.
Mace & Dante cross the stream.
Riccardo & Blaise walk over the ice.

Next room –

Dante finds the journal of Archimedes.

The others collect various plans of Archimedes.

Pivoting gate over a pit of piranha.
Mace gets wet, the rest of us jump.

A room with five statues: Four magic users binding an ogre.

Party camps in the kitchen/alchemist’s laboratory.
Night passes uneventfully.

+15,000 experience



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