Ancient Lights

7th Session_Final (10.30.2012)

DM (Jason)
Blaise Petronelli (Bob)
Dante Tavoularis (Tiger)
Mace Alotte (Charlie)
Morthos (Lansing)
Ricardo Vidal Boscolo (Diane)
Salazar Ontario de Roma (Logan)

Game Start

Blaise reincarnates Morthos, who declines to change his alignment.
The dice make him human.
Logan gives his friend a hug. – Golden Ice travels up Morthos’ arm.

Mace & Dante investigate the room across the hall. It’s an alchemy lab.
Mace picks up a blue potion, walks back to the kitchen and hands Morthos the vial. “Here, drink this, it will make you feel better.”
Morthos threw it at Salazar. The bottle hit Salazar and rolled across the floor.
Mace picked up the bottle.

Is examining the statues. The bases have ancient Greek writing. He shouts for Dante.

Finds a book detailing plans that resemble the big gun upstairs. She pockets it.
Riccardo calls for Dante from the statue room.

Big statue, “Strength conquers all.”
Four small statues, “Earth”, “Fire”, “Wind”, and “Water”.

Dante, Salazar, Morthos:
Salazar is attacking Morthos. Dante casts Detect Evil and draws her blade.
Golden Ice is spreading across Morthos’ body.
Salazar overbalances and falls into the fire.

Morthos turns invisible and dodges past Dante. …And runs straight into the piranha pit-trap.
Dante chases and stands guard over the trap.
Salazar climbs out of the fire.
Morthos levitates over the water.
Dante stands guard over the grate.
Morthos preps an attack.

Role Playing between Dante & Salazar:
Dante: “He’s in the pit. Any ideas?”
Salazar calls to you from the statue in the middle of the crossway: “The ice means he’s evil! We can activate the grate, and force him out.”
Dante eyes the grate. “I think not. He’s trapped in there. We just need to finish him quickly.” Turns head an quirks an eyebrow at Salazar. “This ice wouldn’t happen to be why you wanted me to touch you earlier, would it?”
Salazar glances sheepishly at his feet. “It… It might have been.”
Dante: “Aah. Understandable. Are you convinced of my motives, or need you still test?”
Salazar: “I would appreciate the test, but I realize now why you attacked Mordy. Tests of loyalty and morality can wait.”
“Good.” Dante turns back to the grate. “So, how to get this little rat.” She pauses to think a moment. “Do you have any lamp oil? We can pour it through the grate and set him aflame.”
Salazar: “That’s somewhat cruel. There are certainly easier ways to bring him out; and I carry few personal possessions.”
Dante: “I don’t want him out, I want him dead. He’s a slippery one, and both Blaise and Riccardo are elsewhere.”
Salazar: “We can kill him without resorting to such methods. We are not monsters.”
Dante quirks an eyebrow. “Monster is a relative term.” She sighs, “I agree, that fire is a horrible death that I would not wish on anyone… But he must die. Opening the trap would let him lose, and without the spell-casters we’d never find him. He’s too dangerous. If you have a better idea, then by all means, tell me.”
Salazar: “I could leap on and off it as I did before. When it opens, it will either push him out or into the water. Either way, you can attack him when it opens.”
Dante shakes her head, “No. I can tell he’s there, but it’s not specific enough to hit him. He wouldn’t have gotten past me in the first place if I could.” Dante glares at the grate, “I wish Riccardo or Blaise were here. They could identify the potions in the laboratory.”
Salazar suddenly grins brightly. “I have an idea. I am rather dexterous. I could lie on the grate and cling to it. Then he either has to deal with you or I, and in an enclosed space, our dear friend is at a great disadvantage.”

Mace, Blaise, Riccardo:
Explore the South passage. Narrow.

[Having an adventure while Dante & Salazar role-play.]

Dante, Salazar, & Morthos:
Dante casts Zone of Truth.
Morthos: “I haven’t tried to kill you yet! Why?!”
Dante: “Your existence is an affront to my god.”
Salazar leaps onto the grate and clings to it. He is now standing in the pit.
Dante, Salazar, & Morthos role-playing:
Dante: “Salazar, you idiot! You were the only one able to activate the trap without getting caught!”
Mortie: “Can we please talk this through”
Salazar: “This trap is weight-activated. I should be able to trigger it again by hanging from it.”
Dante: “Yes! Tell him how to get out!” Just kill him while your down there, yes?"
Morthos: “I’ll take that as a no from you.” looks at Dante “Please ma’am I emplore you. I do not wish to die twice in one week and really don’t want to face my religous authority.”
Salazar: “If he’s OUT, you can KILL HIM.!”
Morthos: “I’m talking to myself here”
Salazar: “Reap what you sow, sinner!”
Dante shakes her head angrily. “I can’t SEE him! I can’t hit him if I don’t know where he is! If he gets out he’s as good as free!”
Morthos: “Tell me one instance where I sinned!!!”
Dante snarls at Morthos, “The inn! You attacked that squire and ruined his chances in the melee!”
Morthos: “I did no such thing!!!”
Morthos: “Okay so I did but still!”
Dante turns her attention to Salazar, “Would you kill him?!”
Morthos: “That was not at you and it did help you win the tournament!!”

Salazar begins swinging, trying to hit Morthos.
Morthos pulls on the grate, fumbles, and drops into the water. He casts Eldritch blast.

Salazar: “DANTE! Restoration, NOW!”

Mace, Riccardo, & Blaise:
Are fighting a fire elemental.
[Things happen.]
Riccardo, who was standing in water, casts a spell and swaps places with the fire elemental.
[More things happen.]
Blaise summons a water elemental.
Blaise summons another water elemental.
[Even more things happen.]
Blaise casts ‘polymorph’ on the fire elemental. It fails.

Blaise just turned the fire elemental into a mouse.
Sassoon eats the mouse.

Salazar, Morthos, & Dante:
Salazar uses Wholeness of Body (heals 14pts).
Dante casts Lesser Restoration on Salazar.
Morthos casts Eldritch Blast. Misses.
Salazar attacks Morthos. Hit times three.
Dante casts Shield Other. Fails.
Morthos casts Sphere of Darkness and dodges around Salazar to the other side of the tank.
Salazar pulls on the grate and flips the trap.
Morthos gets out of the grate. And Salazar throws himself from the trap.
Dante moves away from where she knows the grate.
Morthos casts a spell that lets him see in the darkness.
Salazar finds Dante.
Dante doesn’t move.
Morthos prepares a spell.
Salazar pulls Dante back the way he came and they exit the darkness.

Morthos retreats from the tower, grabbing his dagger and belt on the way out.

Salazar proposes that they find the rest of the party and Dante agrees.
Letting Salazar move ahead, Dante will take the book of weapon plans she found in the lab and throws it into the hearth. She watches the book burn.
Dante lets out a sigh of relief as Demeter blesses her with feelings of peace and contentment.
With a pleased grin the paladin follows the weary monk in search of their companions.

Mace, Riccardo, & Blaise:

Salazar and Dante catch up with the rest of the party.

Mace and Salazar both grab a couple of ruby-red rods.
The party decides to go back to the laboratory and search for a book of instruction manual.
Blaise and Salazar note the organization and realize a book is missing.

Dante helps search for the book, never revealing that she had already found and destroyed it.


After a thorough search of the tower and dungeons the party eventually admits that the book is long (but not as long as they think) gone. Disappointed with their failure, they return to Syracuse and take ship. After a long journey and many adventures, the party returns to Ferrara.
The Duke is presented with the twin rods and orbs. The missing book is (due to Dante’s skill in diplomacy) attributed to Morthos, who disappeared.
The Artifacts were meticulously examined, but were eventually stowed away as useless.

Blaise was the first to leave. He simply disappeared from the city, and everyone pretty much figured that he’d gone back to whatever forest he had crept from in the first place.

Salazar and Dante spent days simply relaxing, often taking walks and discussing philosophy. Their debates broached many topics and always attracted a crowd of curious onlookers. Salazar left with the promise to at some point visit Dante’s mentor in Greece.

By the time Mace returned to Ferrara, Lady Lake and her entourage had already returned home. When Mace finally left the city of Ferrara he was accompanied by Dante. They traveled and fought together for a time and, though they never truly became friends, developed a healthy respect for the other.

Dante continued traveling the Continent, smiting evil as she went and listening for the whispers of Demeter. She returned to her mentor with many tales, a few of which he wrote down and sent to Riccardo. Occasionally Dante would have extraordinarily good luck when it came to animal encounters. After the third time being saved by a bear she would simply grin and whisper a quiet ‘Thank you’ to the druid she never saw, but knew was there.

Mace returned home to hero’s welcome. He was not just a knight in title, but fact, and was widely respected and admired for his prowess. – Though none admired him as much as the Lady Lake.

Riccardo and Sassoon happily return to the palace life, and for years the children of the castle were treated to embellished tales of his Grand Quest. And if the story changed with every telling it only became the more enthralling. He still saw Dante at least once a year, each time she brought him more books and scrolls – stories and tales from other lands.


Amazing! Outstanding!

Here are a few comments from Blaise, found in his memoirs many years after his death. I have included only the entries pertinent to the end of this adventure.

Hmm interesting. This entire episode just further confirms my belief that humans are the most interesting part of nature to study. All the rest of nature is predictable and well-ordered. If a storm comes up for example you can expect rain, lightning, thunder, and possibly whirlwinds. This definitely does not apply to humans, who seem to revel in creating chaos from order.

During our rest period, we had discussed bringing back Morthos by the use of a Reincarnate spell. It seemed like an acceptable idea to most people, and I did not hear any strong voices against this prospect. Since Dante had killed the original Morthos for being evil, I suggested that she could kill him again if he did not repent of his evil ways.

I prepared my spell, and also prepared the spell of Atonement so that Morthos could renounce his evil ways and become chaotic good like myself. I felt that this was an acceptable solution for all involved. As I began to cast the spell, Dante chose to go exploring and left the room for a while. Morthos came back, and surprisingly he returned as a human. This was most amazing as this spell tends to have a mind of its own and you never know for sure what will happen. This has such nice randomness that it is a wonderful spell to experiment with.

Morthos chose not to atone and remain evil. This was fine with me, as I feel that there should always be a balance between good and evil. Salazar, however, was not happy with this and attempted to kill Morthos. Since this was basically the result that we had discussed, albeit with Dante performing the killing, I decided to let them work out their differences, and I went off with Riccardo and Mace to continue our explorations. After great trials and tribulations, we succeeded in finding the material components of the death ray. But we could never find the book with the instructions for constructing the machine.

Only much later did I learn that Dante had destroyed the book, which was entirely in keeping with her stated intentions. Indeed we had several discussions on the advisability of allowing such knowledge to fall into public hands. While I did not necessarily agree with her arguments, they were quite well presented and cogent. And since we share many of the same beliefs due to our closeness to nature (Mine from an affinity to nature and hers from her Goddess), I always felt a certain fondness for her, and often journeyed about to see how she fared. Many times did I watch her in her tasks, and so great was her faith and her abilities that I rarely if ever felt the need to assist.

As for Morthos, I only occasionally ran across him in later years. I never really understood why he did not attempt to compromise with the others so that he could forestall his fate temporarily. If he could have gotten them to agree to come back and talk to me about how to resolve the issue with everyone being satisfied. After all, if he is free and with the group he would have so much more opportunity to escape death. But I put this down to his relative youth. In later years he seemed to be much more composed and sneaky.

Riccardo is an absolute delight. He seems to generate such chaos with little apparent effort. His unorthodox use of spells might seem strange to some, but always seemed to provide such a positive benefit that it worked quite well. This always reaffirmed my belief in the chaotic nature of humans.

Of Mace I will say little, as it is difficult to fit him into my tenet of the chaotic nature of humans. He is always a rock of consistency. The only time that I saw him get even slightly off-kilter was when dealing with Riccardo and his little tricks. But I suppose in every belief there must be a counterpoint so that a proper comparison may be made.

Salazar was always such a treat. While he always maintained a strong belief system, his spectacular athletic abilities were used in such a delightfully unexpected and amusing manner. And they resulted in such outstanding effects! It seemed to solidify my beliefs in the chaotic nature of humans, where even the most ordered of individuals can accomplish great things simply by thinking of unique methods of using their talents and abilities.


For those of you who wonder, I recently visited the area where Blaises valley was situated. The valley still stands in a natural state. Spending time there gives one a sense of peace and calm, and you can easily imagine the spirit of Blaise stlil wanders the valley, protecting it from outside incursion and keeping as a bastion of nature in a industrially developed world.

7th Session_Final (10.30.2012)

That was awesome! Kudos to Bob!

7th Session_Final (10.30.2012)

This was fabulous!!! Thank you both for writing!!!!

7th Session_Final (10.30.2012)

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