Ricardo Vidal Boscolo

7th Level Sorcerer


Human, male, 30-something “Beauty is without age!”

Skinny and balding, Ricardo is tallish (6 ft), and even though he’s considered neither handsome nor beautiful, he exudes such friendliness and warmth that most people find themselves very drawn to him. A confidante to all his clients, he probably knows more personal information about everybody in and around Italy than anyone else. Whatever he may lack in physical perfection, he makes up for in charm and his flair for style.

Although Ricardo is astute at gathering information, most of his skills include those necessary for the edification and beautification of his patrons.


Family motto: “Scientia est Vita!”

Ricardo is Master Stylist to the family of the Marquis de Ferrara. The Marquis knows that image is everything. What the public perceives is often more important than truth. To that end, Ricardo designs the clothes, hairstyles, makeup, and often the “staging” of the Marquis, His wife and, if needed, children. Ricardo’s staff of at least a dozen doting apprentices learns and works under his watchful direction. They are often assigned to assist guests of the Marquis and His family, Ricardo himself being sent to only the most distinguished.

Ricardo Vidal Boscolo

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