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  • Niccolo III

    Born in Ferrara, the son of Alberto d'Este and Isotta Albaresani, he inherited the rule of the city when he was only 10 years old, under the protection of the Republics of Venice, Florence and Bologna. He was attacked by his relative Azzo X d'Este, a …

  • Giovanni Maria

    The son of [[:gian-galeazzo | Gian Galeazzo]] and [[:carterina-visconti | Carterina Visconti]] He assumed the title two years ago at age thirteen, under his mother's regency. Rumors say that the duchy is coming apart at the seams.

  • Louis II d'Anjou

    Born in Toulouse, Louis II was the son of Louis I of Anjou, King of Naples, and came into his Angevin inheritance, which included Provence, in 1384, with his rival Charles of Durazzo (father of Ladislaus), of the senior Angevin line, in possession of …